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We also provides services to the highest standards

BIM services

BIM services uses Autodesk’s Revit BIM platform to support BIM workflow to enable design modelling from pre-construction concept stages through to detailed construction stages. Autodesk Revit is a multi-directional, database-controlled application which allows changes in one view/area to be replicated and shown automatically in all other views/areas (including layouts, elevations, schedules or the 3D model itself).


As a major designing and engineering solutions provider, Glyph offers a range of services to clients, which include the following:


  • 2D Drafting Services
  • 3D Modeling support for AEC Industry
  • 4D Simulation services with collaboration of Project Construction Supervision
  • Architectural BIM modeling service
  • BIM Families Modelling
  • Clash Detection & Coordination Services
  • Coordinated Construction Document Support
  • BIM Manager and Consultant
  • BIM Implementation & Training


We are a team of professional and dedicated architects. By providing a fresh approach to each project and utilizing our experienced team members allow us to create unique experiences and atmospheres. We deliver services across sectors including mixed-use development, infrastructure, commercial, hospitality, residential, retail and workplace. Our team will work closely with each client to create their vision that will answer their needs and expectations.

Interior Design

Our professional design team works strategically to craft interior spaces in direct response to the building’s architectural form and function. We place people experience at the center of our design process in order to deliver engaging projects that respond to the way people actually use space. Our comprehensive interior design services include: Space Planning, Concept Design, Design Development, Construction Documentation, Construction and Post-Construction. We work closely with client and project teams to identify the details and user relationship to create functional and elegant while evoking a sense of place and complementing building’s outward appearance.


Our strength is a virtually unmatched depth of talent across the complete spectrum of structural, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering design, supported by extensive in-house drawing, documentation and consulting team. From project initiation and concept design thought a finished system assembled and tested, we work closely with the owner and other design professionals to solve engineering problems with clarity and accuracy. We believe this collaborative philosophy is the foundation of our continued growth and success. Our goal is to provide intelligent system designs with lasting value, quality, and functionality.

Autodesk Software

Glyph provides great software and technical expertise to help companies design better products. We focus on building technical expertise to train, support and meeting our valued customers’ needs. We have been delivering trusted solutions to our client improving the quality and efficiency of your design processes through cutting edge Autodesk software, consulting services, training and technical support focused on the Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) Industry.


Glyph offers a wide variety design software including:


  • AutoCAD Design Suite
  • AutoCAD LT
  • Building Suite Standard 6 Software in Suite
  • Building Suite Premium 9 Software in Suite
  • Building Suite Ultimate 11 Software in Suite
  • 3DMAX

About us

Here we are

Glyph  is the leading Building Information Modelling (BIM) company of diverse experience in Autodesk Revit program.

Our services include BIM consultant and training to support companies in AEC industry offering number of important elements that are necessary to develop the BIM-strategy to achieve greater design innovation.


Glyph also provides architectural, interior, and engineering design services across sectors, to the highest standards, in close collaboration with our clients.

We provide streamline process driven BIM services that span through the stage of planning, design, construction and management across Architectural,
Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry
. We deliver customized services and solutions that exact suit your BIM requirements.

Our Members

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Co-Founder & Executive Director

MEP Specialist

Architect Specialist

Structure Specialist


Fresh talent needed


Glyph is looking for talented BIM operators to join our team. We are the professional BIM consultant who work on BIM process from pre-construction concept through to detailed construction. For applicants who are interested in gaining practical work and knowledge on BIM management and would like to enhance your experience on Autodesk Revit program, the required BIM operator will gain firsthand experience in all BIM work phases. All applicants must have experience with Autodesk Revit program along with basic BIM skills. To apply for BIM operator position, please send a resume to our office and be prepared to provide a portfolio upon request.





We are currently looking for a talented architect who will undertake design, documentation and construction services at the direction of senior team members on a range of project types.


Job Description:


  • Strong understanding and interest in architecture practice commensurate with 2-4 years of experience and qualification in Architecture
  • Well rounded design and documentation skills with enthusiasm for doing good work and desire to be involved in a diverse range of projects
  • Imaginative and creative thinking
  • Autodesk Revit experience is essential. Grasshopper is a plus
  • Familiar with major commercial, hospitality and mix use building projects.
  • Rigorous approach to detail
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines
  • Good English language skill
  • Ability to work outside of office and working at site





We are a leading international design firm; we consider our people to be our greatest resource. With that in mind, we place great emphasis on attracting, retaining and developing the best talent.


We are looking for motivated Interior Designers to join our talented team within Glyph Design Limited. The applicant is required to have an understanding of the specific components of medium to large scale projects from concept design through to detail design and construction phase. A natural strength in design must be evident in the applicant’s portfolio both at a detailed and large hospitality scale.


Interior Designer work includes all interior design phases and must be familiar with major commercial, hospitality and mixed use projects. All applicants must have experience with Auto CAD program along with basic design process skills. To apply for Interior Designer position, please send a resume to our office and be prepared to provide a portfolio upon request.





We look forward to hearing from you

Glyph Design Co., Ltd.

420 / 131-132 The One Bangna Village 1 Kanchanaphisek Rd.,
Dokmai Subdistrict, Prawet District, Bangkok 10250

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